Stylish Ancient Roman Woman With Rose

This ink illustration was inspired by an ancient roman stone and glass beaded necklace from the time period of circa 100-300 AD.

I also have a passion for researching and illustrating ancient jewellery. My focus is on ancient Egyptian, Greek, Roman, as well as Byzantine, Viking, and other medieval jewellery.

I am fortunate enough to have access to genuine ancient jewellery mainly purchased from international auctioneers such as Christie’s and Bonhams.

These ink artworks promote the unique jewellery antiquities. Such rare ancient jewellery items inspire me to create beautiful and historically correct dramatic portraits of their original ancient owners.

My illustrations carefully reflect the wearer’s appearance, fashion, and surroundings of the ancient past. I attempt to capture the wearer’s emotion and the appeal of the jewellery in my ink paintings.

My ancient jewellery is available for sale along with its illustrations via my ETSY shop 

To see more of my ink illustrations, please go to my Portfolio